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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lumen? Verified
Lumen is a measuring unit for the total amount of visible light emitted by a source.

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What is LED? Verified
LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. By running power through a semiconductor in the right direction, light is emitted.

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Is all LED lighting dimmable? Verified
No, not all LED lights are dimmable. This is indicated on the packaging or the light itself.

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What do watts say about my lamp? Verified
Watt is a measuring unit for electricity consumption. Lamps that produce more light, generally use more Watt, but for comparing light output you should always use lumen.

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What screw bases exist? Verified
Worldwide there many types of sockets, but most used are those based on the Edison screw, indicated with the letter E. In most countries screw bases E27 and E14 are standard. In the United States E26, E17, E12 and E10 are standard.

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Why is the colour of light important? Verified
There are generally two types of light, warm light and cold light.

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