Laminate Floors

Below you can find the different brands of Laminate Floors for which manuals are available. Click on your brand to find the manual you want. Can’t find the brand of your Laminate Floor? Send us a message on Facebook, and we will try to find the manual for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I immediately start laying a laminate floor? Verified
No, the planks should adjust to the room for 48 hours. Never place the planks against the wall vertically, but lay them on the ground. This will prevent the planks from bending.

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Can the laminate floor be laid tightly against a wall? Verified
No, lamiate floors are made from wood and can expand. Always keep 1 centimer of space between the laminate floor and the wall. User spacers to keep this distance.

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How can I prevent differences in colour? Verified
Use planks from different packs at the same time. This will make any colour differences much harder to see.

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How much laminate will I need for my floor? Verified
Carfeully measure the surface of the floor. Add an additional 10% of laminate to compensate for cutting waste.

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What are the best conditions to place underlayment? Verified
Be sure to work in a dry environment with a temperature between 15 and 20 degrees Celcius.

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What kind of saw is best to use on my laminate floor? Verified
The best machines to saw a laminate floor are a jigsaw and circular saw. The jigsaw is perfect to saw out any corners, while the circular saw allows you to easily saw long straight pieces.

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When should I place foil underneath the underlayment? Verified
When laying a laminate floor on the bottom floor or in case of moisture it's advisable to make use of protective foil. Have the foil come up the walls a little so they will end behind the skirting boards.

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Where should I start laying a laminate floor? Verified
Always start laying a laminate floor in a corner of the room.

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Why is it important to use underlayment? Verified
Underlayment will help make the floor level. It also protects against noise.

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