Manuals for Finlandek Bunk Beds

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the minimum thickness of a mattress? Verified
It is recommended for all types of mattresses to be at least 16cm thick to provide enough comfort.

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How much space should there be between the top of the upper mattress in my bunk bed and the ceiling? Verified
To ensure optimal freedom of movement it is best to leave at least 75 centimeter between the top of the upper mattress and the ceiling.

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What maintenance does my bunk bed need? Verified
To extende the lifespan of your bunk bed and guarantee the safety of your child, it's a good to check al the bolts from time to time and tighten them if necessary.

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What is the difference between a wooden and a metal bed frame? Verified
Wooden bed frames are usually sturdier than metal bed frames. This means that with a metal bed frame, the strength must be checked more often and the screws must be tightened more often.

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