Manuals for IKEA Sewing Machines

Below you can find all models IKEA Sewing Machines for which we have manuals available. Also view the frequenty asked questions at the bottom of the page for useful tips about your product. Is your model not on the list? Please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the best way to disassemble my IKEA product? Verified

IKEA states that the best way to disassemble their products is to follow the instructions backwards.

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There is a screw/plug/nail missing from my IKEA product. Where can I get a replacement? Verified

Every IKEA has a section where you can take free screws, plugs and other fixings.

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I want to remove a wooden dowel from my IKEA product, but I can't get it out. What should I do? Verified

It's best to use a pair of pliers and use light pressure to remove the dowel. Don't squeeze too hard, or else the dowel will lose its grip.

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What size needle should I use? Verified

The size of the needle depends on the fabric. For a thicker fabric, you will need a thinker needle. The application of the needle of often mentioned on the packaging.

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I have checked everything, but my sewing machine thread keeps breaking, what can I do? Verified

If the upper thread of the machine keeps breaking where the needle enters the fabric, it could be that the needleplate or bobbin case have minor damages in the form of scratches and/or sharp edges. These minor damages can cause the thread to break after a few stitches.

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How long does a sewing machine neelde last? Verified

This varies between manufacturers, but in general a needle will last about 8 hours. It might take longer for the needle to break, but before that it will have become blunt and might damage the fabric.

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My needle keeps breaking, what is causing this? Verified

There can be various reasons for this. The needle may not be the correct one for the selected fabric, the needle may have been set too low, the fabric may not be properly guided or the bobbin case may be placed incorrectly.

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Do I need to turn my sewing machine completely off to replace the needle? Verified

You can change the needle after turning off the product with the on/off switch. When cleaning the product you should disconnect it from the power supply.

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Latest comments

Manual IKEA SY Sewing Machine
Macintosh 14-11-2023
I can use it normally and can sew, but it makes squeaking noises. Please tell me what to do.

(Translated by Google)
IKEA SY Sewing Machine
Manual IKEA SY Sewing Machine
Antonio Martín 25-08-2023
My steering wheel has broken, the wheel on the right that moves the motor of the sewing machine. Where can I buy a new one? Thank you so much.

(Translated by Google)
IKEA SY Sewing Machine
Manual IKEA SY Sewing Machine
Virginia 07-08-2023
How do I put the guide on my ikea sy sewing machine

IKEA SY Sewing Machine
Manual IKEA SY Sewing Machine
Alex 27-02-2023
Can the feeddogs be dropped for machine embroidery?

IKEA SY Sewing Machine
Manual IKEA SY Sewing Machine
Brigitte 04-12-2022
The thread of my bobbin no longer goes up and no longer makes the small loop necessary for sewing, I took everything apart, reassembled as indicated in the instructions, nothing to do. I even tried to adjust the tension of the thread by screwing and unscrewing the small screw on the bobbin???

(Translated by Google)
IKEA SY Sewing Machine