Bernina Sewing Machines

You can find the manual for your Bernina Sewing Machine below. Can’t find your model? Send us a message on Facebook, and we will try to find the manual for you.

Source: Bernina

Frequently Asked Questions

What size needle should I use?
The size of the needle depends on the fabric. For a thicker fabric, you will need a thinker needle. The application of the needle of often mentioned on the packaging.

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How long does a sewing machine neelde last?
This varies between manufacturers, but in general a needle will last about 8 hours. It might take longer for the needle to break, but before that it will have become blunt and might damage the fabric.

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Should my Bernina sewing machine be completely turned off when I change the needle?
To guarantee your safety, Bernina recommends to always swith your sewing machine off when changing the needle.

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