Manuals for AEG Sewing Machines

Below you can find all models AEG Sewing Machines for which we have manuals available. Also view the frequenty asked questions at the bottom of the page for useful tips about your product. Is your model not on the list? Please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What size needle should I use? Verified

The size of the needle depends on the fabric. For a thicker fabric, you will need a thinker needle. The application of the needle of often mentioned on the packaging.

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I have checked everything, but my sewing machine thread keeps breaking, what can I do? Verified

If the upper thread of the machine keeps breaking where the needle enters the fabric, it could be that the needleplate or bobbin case have minor damages in the form of scratches and/or sharp edges. These minor damages can cause the thread to break after a few stitches.

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How long does a sewing machine neelde last? Verified

This varies between manufacturers, but in general a needle will last about 8 hours. It might take longer for the needle to break, but before that it will have become blunt and might damage the fabric.

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My needle keeps breaking, what is causing this? Verified

There can be various reasons for this. The needle may not be the correct one for the selected fabric, the needle may have been set too low, the fabric may not be properly guided or the bobbin case may be placed incorrectly.

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Do I need to turn my sewing machine completely off to replace the needle? Verified

You can change the needle after turning off the product with the on/off switch. When cleaning the product you should disconnect it from the power supply.

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Latest comments

Manual AEG NM 1800 Sewing Machine
Jacqueline Moraal 03-12-2023
I have had the AEG NM1800 for 15 years but I still don't know how to tension the wire. I have rarely been able to make anything, always having problems with exertion and tension. The explanation on the machine itself is unclear and unreadable. Please advice!!!!!!!

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AEG NM 1800 Sewing Machine
Manual AEG 11220 Sewing Machine
Frustrated sewer 12-06-2022
Thread continually breaks at top of machine near the tension dial

AEG 11220 Sewing Machine
Manual AEG 112701 Sewing Machine
Uli 02-06-2021
Unfortunately, the bobbin thread is not pulled up on my brand new sewing machine. What can I do?

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AEG 112701 Sewing Machine
Manual AEG 11680 Sewing Machine
Gina Martin 23-02-2021
Can’t find my manual. Stitches are going... long. 3-4 short, long, short etc. Ever where is closed. Anyone has any ideas please?

AEG 11680 Sewing Machine
Manual AEG 11220 Sewing Machine
Fritz Schmitz 08-12-2020
The lower thread tension is usually not right.

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AEG 11220 Sewing Machine