Manuals for Metal Detectors

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How deep can a metal detector search? Verified

How deep a metal detector can search depends on a number of things, like the size ofn the object, the soil type, surface circumstances and the settings on the metal detector. The maximum detectable depth of single coin with a professional metal detector is around 70cm. Large objects can be found up to a depth of 40m with a professional metal detector. A special search coil, available for most metal detectors, can add 25% of detection depth.

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What is target identification? Verified

Target identification indicates what kind of metal the object is porbably made of. Digital metal detectors how a number of the screen to display the probable kind of metal. Most metal detectors use tone identification. This means the detectors produces different tones for different kinds of metal. Iron is often low pitched and gold is often high pitched.

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