Manual Grundig BL 5040 Hand Blender

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I best clean a hand blender? Verified
Most hand blenders have a detachable piece that can be put in a dishwasher, this should be indicated in the manual. Cleaning by hand can be done by placing the blades in a bowl of warm water and turning on the hand blender. Add some detergent if wanted. Never dry the blades, this can cause them to go blunt.

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How do I use the different speeds? Verified
It is best to start with the lowest speed and build up to the highest speed. This will give the best results and the least splashes.

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Can I wrap the cord around the device after use? Verified
It's better not to do this, because it can damage the cord. The best thing to do is wrap the cord the way it was when the product was packaged.

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suus wildeboer 20-09-2019
the plastic connection drive ring is worn out. can this ring be replaced????

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Michel RIOTTE 19-11-2021
Same question

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Gerda Risselada 03-10-2019
The blades of the immersion blender came off and got stuck in the food! Dangerous.

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Katharina Borchardt 09-06-2022
The accessories can no longer be attached to the device. They don't go on it anymore. What can be the cause?

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Chiara Bianchi 23-07-2022
The whisk does not attach to its base. How to make it get stuck?

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Manual Grundig BL 5040 Hand Blender