Manuals for Mountfield Lawn Mowers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know when to sharpen the blades of my lawn mower? Verified

Sharp blades cleanly cut the grass. Dull blades roughly tears the grass which will quikly turn brown. If the lawn mower produces teared grass, then the blades should be sharpened or replaced.

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What is mulching? Verified

Some lawn mowers are able to mulch. Mulching finely shreds the grass and blows it back to the lawn. There the mulch functions as nutrition and protection for the grass.

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I accidentally put diesel in my petrol lawn mower, what should I do? Verified

Do NOT use the lawn mower. The only option is to completely empty the tank and fill it with the right fuel.

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What is the best lenght for my grass? Verified

To prevent the grass from drying out it should not be too short. It's better to mow the grass more often than to cut it too short. The optimal length it between 3 and 4 centimeter.

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Can I mow grass when it's wet? Verified

It is possible, but not advisable. When grass is wet it will lump together during mowing, preventing an optimal result.

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What is the right moment to mow my lawn? Verified

The best months for lawn mowing are March to October. Mowing should be done once or twice a week depending on how fast the grass grows. The best time of day to mow the grass is at the end of the afternoon and never in full sunlight. This is to prevent the grass from drying out after being cut.

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At what lawn surface do I choose an electric mower and at which surface a petrol mower? Verified

For surfaces up to 300m² you can use a battery driven mower. For surfaces larger than that it is recommended to use a petrol mower.

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Can I let a robot mower work in the night? Verified

It's better not to let a robot mower work in the night. Some animals, like hedgehogs, are mostly active at night. They are often not quick enough to escape from the robot mower and can get severely wounded or killed.

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Latest comments

Manual Mountfield SP454 Lawn Mower
Ash 02-04-2024
Hi, when I mow the lawn, the rear height adjust lever keeps dropping and does not stay slotted in place. How do I resolve this please. Thanks

Mountfield SP454 Lawn Mower
Manual Mountfield HP185 Lawn Mower
Andy Gee 20-03-2024
I have had 2 Mountfield lawnmowers previously and I have just purchased my third a HP185 FROM B&Q. I followed the instructions and to my disappointment one of the levers for the foldable handle was missing and the square cut out hole for the lower handle bolt the hole was not square and I had to spend time filing it out. This was disappointing for the Mountfield. brand I expected better quality control. Andy Gee

Mountfield HP185 Lawn Mower
Manual Mountfield S42R PD Li Lawn Mower
COLIN 04-10-2023

Mountfield S42R PD Li Lawn Mower
Manual Mountfield Princess 38 Lawn Mower
Richard Field 25-09-2023
how do I get a new rear roller apart, it is in 2 half's & the clips that hold it together area very difficult to press & release clip, am I doing something wrong, or have I got to break all my finger nails??

Mountfield Princess 38 Lawn Mower
Manual Mountfield Empress 16SP Lawn Mower
bob 08-09-2023
difficulty in adjusting cutting height, due to plastic adjuster xthreading mod 16D EMPRESS .

Mountfield Empress 16SP Lawn Mower