Manuals for Makita Hedgecutters

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know my hedgecutter is blunt? Verified

When branches are being pulled instead of cut, the hedgecutter is blunt and needs to be sharpened.

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How do I sharpen my hedgecutter blades? Verified

Sharpening your hedgecutter blades is important for maintaining the performance and efficiency of the tool. To sharpen the blades, you will need a file or sharpening stone specifically designed for the type of blade on your hedgecutter.

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How do I lubricate my hedgecutter blades? Verified

Lubricating your hedgecutter blades will help to reduce friction and wear, prolonging the life of the tool. Use a high-quality lubricating oil specifically designed for hedgecutters and apply a small amount to the blades after each use.

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How can I prevent rust from forming on my hedgecutter blades? Verified

Rust can cause damage to your hedgecutter blades, reducing their performance and lifespan. To prevent rust, clean and dry the blades thoroughly after each use and store them in a dry, clean place. You can also consider applying a protective coating, such as oil or a rust inhibitor, to the blades before storing them.

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Latest comments

Manual Makita DUN500WZ Hedgecutter
Bucher Monika 22-09-2022
We have a Makita hedge trimmer Dun500wz, for a while. Today I mowed less than 2 hours and now it doesn't work anymore. She wants to, but the knives don't move. I find that very sad and also very annoying. Can it be repaired, or is it just junk now?

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Makita DUN500WZ Hedgecutter
Manual Makita DUH651Z Hedgecutter
Meyring 14-07-2022
Troubleshooting request: The blades of the DUH651 hedge trimmer do not move even though the batteries are fully charged, the blades are oiled, the lock is released and both start levers are pressed. It clicks once, but no cutting movement

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Makita DUH651Z Hedgecutter
Manual Makita UH6540 Hedgecutter
Andre LE GAUTHIER 11-01-2021
the coals of my UH 6540 hedge trimmer are dead, they tell me, they don't say it no longer exists. is that true?

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Makita UH6540 Hedgecutter
Manual Makita DUH651Z Hedgecutter
andre dricot 21-02-2020
after pruning the cutter bar is already moving as it was supposed to return to the store

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Makita DUH651Z Hedgecutter