Weber Barbecues

You can find the manual for your Weber Barbecue below. Can’t find your model? Send us a message on Facebook, and we will try to find the manual for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find spare parts?
For finding spare parts we recommend . They stock a wide range of parts for a large number of brands.

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What is the difference between charcoal and briquettes?
Briquettes are made of leftover bits from charcoal production, giving it different properties. Charcoal burns faster and can reach higher temperatures. Briquettes burn longer and maintain a more consistent temperature.

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Can I use wood on my Weber barbecue?
No, Weber strongly advises not to do this. Wood can reach very high temperatures and deform the barbecue.

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How do I clean my Weber barbecue?
The lid and kettle can be cleaned with water and soap. The grate can be cleaned with a grill brush. It's best to do this while the grate is still warm.

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