Manual FERM KZM1010 Chainsaw

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Ferm 103
02 Ferm
8 18 15 7 4 6 5 13
31 11 9 12 16
Fig. 1
Exploded view
Spare parts list
No. Description Position
403586 Switch and bar 1.1 till 1.3, 45,46
403587 Micro switch 10
403588 Chain gear and spring 11, 12
403589 Drive shaft complete 15.1 till 15.6
KZA1004 Chain guide bar 40cm 18
KZA1005 Chain saw 40cm 19
403950 Fix and adjust knob complete 25.1 till 25.11
806201 Bearing 6201ZZ 39.1
403591 Rotor 39.2
800608 Bearing 608ZZ 39.3
403592 Stator 40.3
403593 Carbon brush 48
Fig. 2a Fig. 2b
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Brand FERM
Model KZM1010
Category Chainsaws
File type PDF
File size 11.34 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about FERM KZM1010 Chainsaw

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What is the right tension for the chain on my chainsaw? Verified

When pulling up the chains by hand it should be able to lift up to just above or under the guide bar.

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Do I need to wear hearing protection when using a chainsaw? Verified

Yes you should. Although the amount of noise produced by a chainsaw can vary between brands and models, long term exposure to loud noise can cause permanent hearing damage. That is why it is a good idea to wear hearing protection.

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Do I need to wear eye protection when using a chainsaw? Verified

Yes. Small particles can fly up during sawing. When these hit an eye they can cause permanent eye damage. That is why it always necessary to wear eye protection.

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Manual FERM KZM1010 Chainsaw

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