What is the model number of my Crivit product?

"Although some Crivit products have an alternative model number, all of them have an IAN number with which the product can be identified."

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Tomasz 07-01-2024
Crivit Tradix art nr365680-20-A
How to disassemble a flashlight to replace the battery

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Jessie Overmaat 12-11-2023
Jy-7085c van Bikemate
Dear all, After using the Bikemate LED front lamp, it was damaged by the rain and no longer works. I want to let it dry inside, but somehow I can't open it anywhere. He is probably from Crivit led. Do you have any advice? Kind regards, Jessie ([email protected])

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Claudia Bakker 13-10-2023
Delta Sport FH-9304 Version 11/2010
Good day, I need the right cable/power supply for this dartboard. I think there are also differences to the 9V cable. Version 11/2010 is still on the dartboard. Many thanks for your help Best regards Claudia Bakker

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