What is the difference in usage between a washer-dryer and a separate washing machine and dryer?

"The biggest advantage of a washer-dryer is that it takes less space. However, a separate dryer will be able to dry more than a washer-dryer. A washer-dryer also uses relatively more energy and requires more time."

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Philomena Farley 31-10-2023
Bloomberg integrated washer dryer LR1854310
Can you use this to just dry clothes so not using wash and dry.

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Τετα 13-10-2023
It doesn't pull the soft one, why?

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Porfirio Flores Sandoval 04-12-2023
Good afternoon, I would be very grateful if you could provide me with a pdf copy of the Whirlpool dryer manual. MOD: LGN2000KQ0. SERIES: ML3701486. Or, please tell me how I can obtain it. It does not turn on,. My name Porfirio Flores Sandoval. Email [email protected] Cell 9331195838 Mexico. Porfirio Flores Sandoval Thank you

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Ana- Maria 25-02-2024
Vortex VMA710DO2V, 7kg, 1000rpm
Is the temperature selected automatically? For example, if I wash my clothes in the mixed option, does that mean I wash them at 30 degrees? But for colored ones, at what degrees do they wash them?

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Marina.Slootheer 13-02-2024
Pro line PCD 7. Electro
Can you please help me with a manual for this dryer? I will of course reimburse you for all costs incurred. With thanks and kind regards, Marina. Slootheer Juliana avenue 2. F Hilversum 1213 AP

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Τάσος 10-02-2024
Vario Dray 7
The handle that the door belongs to is broken Can I somehow open it?

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Marilyn 21-10-2023
Aristón secaropa 8 kg
It turns on but it doesn't move

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