The milk will not froth properly, why is that?

"It is possible that the milk frother was not properly cleaned after earlier use. Old remains can prevent the milk from properly frothing. Depending on the device there can always be a part of the milk that does not froth. This is normal."

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Gemma 01-12-2023
Dualit milk frother DMF1
My milk frother has stopped frothing milk, it is heating perfectly but not frothing. I have had my machine for about a year and have always used the same milk. Please reply to [email protected]

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Hanneke van den Heuvel 01-12-2023
Inventum Melkopschuimer MK350
I have the same problem as Gemma. I have had the device for 2 years I think and now suddenly the milk barely froths

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Lene Henriksen 12-01-2024
Bodum mælkeskummer
I have had my Bodum milk frother for about 1 year. Now the beater will no longer spin - I have descaled it

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Willy Greveling -Bentink 29-02-2024
Bestron,, AMF 8050/SB-0802A
My Bestron milk frother heats fine but it no longer froths, it was purchased in December 2023

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Martyna 19-02-2024
Ce 4498
Today I bought a frother. Milk 3.2. It doesn't froth the milk, it just heats it. The brush is quite noisy and I have the impression that it is not firmly attached

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