My washing machine makes a lot of noice and/or vibrates loudly, what can I do about that?

"It's possible that the washing machine has not been leveled. You can do this by adjusting the feet to make it perfectly level. The problem can also be caused by inserting to much clothes in the machine. If these are not the cause of your problem you should contact the manufacturer."

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Wim Voet 02-10-2023
Miele Sofrcare system W3203 Watercontrolsystem. Machine circa 12 jaar oud.
Very noisy during centrifugation. When the drum is empty, the machine does not vibrate. If there wasn't much in it it would make an incredible amount of noise. There is also a certain burning smell. It also sparks. What should I do. I tried to look in the back, but I couldn't remove the plates. I was only able to remove the top plate. I was unable to disassemble the side plates. Thanks in advance for your response. Best regards Wim Voet .

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FARTHOUAT 30-12-2023
Hello, I bought my washing machine in October 2019. It makes a lot of noise when spinning. What is the problem ? I am disappointed that my previous machine had problems after only 4 years of use… Looking forward for your response, Sincerely

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Akhtar s 29-01-2024
Bosch waj28008 serie 2
Drum hits something during washing And a lot of noise during spinning And that after a year and a half cannot be the same as it is level Hope for an outcome.

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Turid Borlet 05-10-2023
Whirlpool AWE 2316/1
The machine has started to "complain/whine" during use, during the entire process

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Giuseppe Lenti 26-02-2024
Hoover vt 1014d22/1-s type fcm9
my washing machine purchased in 2016 and never put into operation only this year we put it into operation and strangely after 3/4 washes it started to cause problems while it spins it makes an unbearable noise and skips I tried everything but without results as I said before never had any problems then looking at it carefully I see that while it spins the drum hits the left side wall and I can't stop it I think it's the shock absorbers that are gone what kind of am van

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Cee Jay 25-11-2023
Whirlpool Washer 8mwtw1612mjq
What suspension rod is compatible with this model?

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Ionela 19-03-2024
Whirlpool AWOC 5104 -5kg.1000Rpm
When squeezing, it makes a loud noise that it didn't have until two days ago

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DJEDAOUN 05-05-2024
Good morning, My machine makes an impossible noise at the end, and above all no longer spins

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Егиш Ашотович Аветян 18-04-2024
Daewoo DWD -F 1083
Hello, can you please tell me the dimensions of the bearings and the size of the gasket for the drum?

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