Is it a problem to have scratches on the metal on the inside of the dishwasher?

"The inside of most dishwashers is made of stainless steel and are not affected by scratches."

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Carapacea Eugen 18-01-2024
Candy DFI 50
Please, who has instructions for use, it has 5 programs, which are fixed with a drum and the images of the programs and two 65 degree buttons Thank you

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Negoiță Neculai 04-01-2024
Suspicious noises are sometimes heard during the operation of the dishwasher. With every wash, I had chipped and (or) scratched dishes. I can't find the reason, as much as I've read on the subject, including with Microsoft's Copilot app. Can you advise me what could be the cause?

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