If I want my fridge-freezer to be colder, should I choose for a higher or lower setting?

"With most fridge-freezers a higher setting means the machine will cool harder. With a lower setting, the machine will cool less hard and the temperature in the fridge-freezer will be higher."

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jose ibañez cuesta 08-10-2023
ariston hotpoint quadrio
I need the manual to change the temperature of the refrigerator

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Anna Maria 26-11-2023
I need to know how to set the temperature of the fridge because it freezes drinks and food

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Roberta 26-11-2023
I don’t know how to change the temperature on the fridge and freezer

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anne levy-beff 26-11-2023
how to adjust the temperature of my fridge-freezer

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Chiaro anna 07-12-2023
Ignis Ariel 6501/A
Good morning, please, what number should I put the fridge knob on? I keep it at 4 and it freezes things, thanks

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Sid 24-11-2023
Fridgidare frc170ff
Fridge seems warm while on a high setting freezer is normal.

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Derick Williams 24-11-2023
Login Model LSD 50 W
Compressor running warm, the freezer is freezing but the fridge is warm.

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jan 29-01-2024
ELBA 264C refrifgerator
why is the fridge not cold?

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Kjell A. Skoglund 29-01-2024
Whirlpool ARC 2223
Why isn't the fridge cold when it's on a high setting? Etc Kjell A. Skoglund

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Christina Nolan 08-03-2024
Hotpoint LC85 F1W
Hi, Can you please help me and let me know where on the temp knob it should be set for normal fridge/freezer use?

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Mária Bartalosova 29-02-2024
Philco 4011x
I would like to ask about setting the temperature, because I lost the book about how to press and set it, because it keeps writing to me and also jumps down E4, thank you

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Barbara Harrison 16-10-2023

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Anita Jendrossek 06-04-2024
Samsung RS20CCMS Kühlkombi.
The setting on the cooling part flashes continuously. It is still cooling, but not really. Will the device break now? The refrigerator is 17 years old. Please advise.

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Karla Merchán 20-03-2024
Indurama RI-780R
Hello, I want my refrigerator to freeze more on the freezer side, please do it.

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Horváth Zoltán 02-12-2023
Bosch GSU2320NE/01
I am looking for a Hungarian user manual.

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Gabriela Poschke 04-11-2023
Electrolux TR 1230 A
My fridge-freezer has a gross volume of 340l. I would like to know how much volume only the freezer section has.

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ماهر شحاده 20-05-2024
الحافظ فريزر عامودية ١٤ قدم
Cooling index from 1 to 6. What number should I set the refrigerator to in order for it to cool as much as possible? 1 or 6

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Miroslav Přibyl 07-06-2024
How to turn on "holiday mode"?

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Aldona Šimkevičienė 26-02-2024
Elekctrolux LNC7ME32W2
Hello, I need a Lithuanian user manual for this brand of refrigerator.

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