If I want my freezer to be colder, should I choose for a higher or lower setting?

"With most freezers a higher setting means the machine will cool harder. With a lower setting, the machine will cool less hard and the temperature in the freezer will be higher."

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Tess 06-10-2023
Beko F60312NE
The temperature outside is - 11 how do i increase the temperature to -18 and how to stop winking and showing 9f and 52

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Bruno 17-01-2024
Bosh gsp30420
I would have liked to increase the temperature of my freezer because it is now at -24. How do I do this? I can set it to a lower temperature. Thank you in advance.

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Josep 28-10-2023
Baukner modelo de 1993 congelador
The green light does not turn on

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Tess 06-10-2023
Beko F60312NE
Temperature is low how to fix the panel outside

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Jessica Pantoja 02-03-2024
Hello good!!! I have had a freezer for several years and I have never changed the intensity, a few months ago I took it to another house, I left it without moving it for 1 day and the next day I plugged it in, now it freezes excessively even if I change the intensity, can someone guide me on what to do to What stops freezing so much?

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Vande 28-03-2024
Électrolux LYB1AF8WO
How to use the mid cold and colder keys

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Fleury 22-02-2024
Aya aca160w
There are 3 positions 1 min o/ mid o/ and 3 o max I but at min and it makes blocks of ice difficult to close the door at least once a month I have to remove the ice why

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Liisa Sirviö 15-05-2024
Whirlpool 6th sense A++Class no frost
Hey! The freezer is running, but the temperature is +5 degrees. It doesn't get cold at all. However, the display shows -18 degrees. I don't know how old the freezer is since it was left over from the previous resident. What should you press to start freezing?

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Vande 28-03-2024
Electrolux LYB1AF8WO
How long after plugging in the freezer can you charge it?

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