How often should I defrost my freezer?

"For optimal use of the freezer it is best to defrost it once every 3-6 months. Ice on the inside of the freezer reduces the available space and increases the use of energy. The thawing process can be accelerated by placing hot water in the drawer or placing bowls of hot water in the freezer."

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Jill Hampson 06-11-2023
Lamona fridge freezer lam6300
My freezer needs a defrost, I am unable to open the top drawer. I cannot see the electric switch so cannot turn it off at the wall, unable so far to download a manual and do not know of any other way. Are you able to help please?

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Helga Junker 06-11-2023
PVB 476 SE
I would like to defrost my freezer. Unfortunately, I can't figure out the control panel in the refrigerator compartment.

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Marjut Saisa 05-01-2024
I don't remember the Zanussi model, but is it really the case that I can't turn off the freezer section of my fridge-freezer without the fridge also turning off? In my previous appliances, I have been able to turn off the freezer if I don't need it or when I defrost the freezer.

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lars jakobsson 30-09-2023
UPO frysskåp
Have frosted off the cupboard and can't get any cold in it, what should I do to get the cold going, the lights still flash both red and blue

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Vigdis DHL 21-11-2023
Zenz SCF29SL16
The alarm has started to light, what could this be?

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Jeanclaude. 25-05-2024
Whirlpool ARC 8120
I'm 86 years old, I can't find the famous freezer drain hole: combined?

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