Manuals for Scheppach Paint Sprayers

Below you can find all models Scheppach Paint Sprayers for which we have manuals available. Also view the frequenty asked questions at the bottom of the page for useful tips about your product. Is your model not on the list? Please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much paint does a paint sprayer use in comparison to a roller. Verified

Paint sprayers generally use less paint than a roller.

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Can I use other substances like lacquer in a paint sprayer? Verified

Not all models offer this possibilty. There are specific models that allow th use of other substances like lacquer. Always check this beforehand. There are different extensions for different substances that are made to achieve optimal results.

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Can I store power tools in a shed or garage? Verified

In general, you can store power tools in a shed or garage, even if it sometimes freezes there. However, it is better for the lifespan of the power tool to store it in a dry place without major temperature fluctuations. In a shed or garage, differences in temperature can cause condensation to form, which can cause rust. In addition, tools that run on batteries last shorter and do not charge as well at very low temperatures. To be sure how your power tool needs to be stored, always thoroughly read the user manual.

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