Manuals for Xtorm Portable Chargers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to fully charge my portable charger? Verified

This depends on model and capacity, but in general the charging of portable chargers is faster when connected to a power socket than when it is connect to a device through USB.

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Is it normal that the light blinks while charging? Verified

Yes, with most portable chargers the small light blinks while charging. Often the light will remain lit constantly when the charging cycle is complete.

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Is it normal for my portable charger to become warm while charging it? Verified

Yes, portable chargers can become warmer while charging them, this is perfectly normal.

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How do I ensure that my portable charger lasts as long as possible? Verified

When using a portable charger it is best to use it until it is completely depleted and then fully recharge it. Intermediate charging will decrease the lifespan of the battery.

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How much power should my portable charger have? Verified

How much power a portable charger should have depends on what device it should charge. In general it can be said that to charge a smartphone or Mp3 player you need 2200-4000mAh, for tablets 5000-8000mAh and for laptops 10400-12000mAh.

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What does mAh mean? Verified

mAh stands for milliampère/hour and indicates the power of a battery. A battery of for example 2000mAh will supply 2000 milliampère per hour and is able to run a radio that uses 250mA per hour for 8 hours. A battery with a higher mAh will have a longer runtime.

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Latest comments

Manual Xtorm FS402 Portable Charger
ABELLO Michel 14-11-2023
Good morning, I just bought an xtrom FS402, and I would like to have the instructions for the connections, or to find them. thank you for the info

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Xtorm FS402 Portable Charger
Manual Xtorm XR105 Portable Charger
Sebastian Dalpez 01-11-2023
Recently I have had the problem that my power bank is no longer charging or discharging properly. It is only about 6 months old and has probably been used 3 times. Does anyone know what could be wrong?

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Xtorm XR105 Portable Charger
Manual Xtorm AP275U Portable Charger
Rolf Kissling 05-07-2023
My solar panel AP275U received from Swisscom on 06/16/2023 does not work! In the most beautiful sunshine, it always shows 0.0! [email protected]

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Xtorm AP275U Portable Charger
Manual Xtorm XR105 Portable Charger
Britav 27-05-2023
The device does not charge in the sun, even well directed to the sun the whole day. I absolutely need it in 2 days. Do you have any advice.

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Xtorm XR105 Portable Charger
Manual Xtorm XP070 Portable Charger
Patrik Kedzierski 11-01-2023
Good evening, I have a question about the Xtorm XP070 Portable Charger. It is said that it can be powered from both an AC socket and a USB socket at the same time. Do you have experience in how to achieve this? So far, I'm charging either AC or USB,,, it doesn't work at the same time. Thank you for the advice. Patrick

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Xtorm XP070 Portable Charger