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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an ePub file? Verified

ePub stands for 'electronic publication' and is a file format for eBooks. The ePub format is the standard file format concerning eBooks, but be aware: this is not the case for eBooks and eReaders from Amazon.

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Are E-Readers better for my eyes than LCD screens? Verified

In contrast to the screens found on laptops, smartphones, and tablets, e-readers are more beneficial for our eyes. E-readers utilize e-ink, a paper-like display technology that replicates ink on a page. This results in significantly less eye strain compared to reading from LCD screens, as it doesn't decrease our blink rate. It's advisable to avoid using an e-reader too close to bedtime since these devices emit blue light, which can have adverse effects on your sleep.

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Manual Asus Eee DR900 E-Reader
Ann Secrève 26-09-2019
I want to know how to delete books from e-reader.

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Asus Eee DR900 E-Reader