Manuals for Car Seats

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Isofix car seats be placed in cars without Isofix? Verified

Most available Isofix car seats have universal approval to secure with seat belts, in addition to car specific approval. This allows the seat to be secured with seat belts. Read the manual of the car seat for details. There are Isofix car seats that can't be secured with seat belts.

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What is the safest location to place a car seat? Verified

This partially depends on the car, but generally speaking the middle of the back seat is the safest place. Here the child is as far away as possible from the sides and thus best protected in case of an accident. However this only the case if there is a full 3-point seatbelt. If there is only a lap belt available it is safer to use a back window seat.

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Can I use the car sear in an airplane? Verified

There are no international guidelines for using car seats in airplanes. Depending on the model it is possible that the car seat is suited to do so. Whether or not it is allowed depends on the airline. Always contact the airline in advance to verify this.

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Can all Isofix car seats be mounted in all cars with Isofix? Verified

No, there are universal and non-universal Isofix car seats. A non-universal Isofix car seat can only be used in designated cars. The seat comes with a list a car models that are suited for use with that seat. A universal Isofix car seat can only be used in cars that are equipped with Isofix and a Top Tether attachment point.

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How long can my child be in a car seat? Verified

Don't let your child sit in a car seat for longer than 1,5 to 2 hours a day. Many modern strollers offer the option to attach the car seat on top, allowing quick transportation of your child. Also in that case, don't exceed 1,5 to 2 hours a day.

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What is Isofix? Verified

Isofix is an internationally standardised system for mountiung car seats in cars. There are Isofix mounting brackets in the car. These brackets are located between the backrest and the seat of the back seat and are connected to the car body. The Isofix car seat is equipped with hooks that can be easily attached to the mounting brackets.

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