Manuals for Roof Boxes

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How fast can I drive with a roof box attached to my car? Verified

Generally there is no exact limit. However, a roof box can influence the driving experience. That is why it is advised to not exceed 130 kilometers per hour.

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Does a roof box influence my fuel consumption? Verified

Yes. Although the exact amount depens on the car and roof box it can be said that the fuel consumption will increase with 1 liter per 100 kilometers at an average speed of 100 km/h.

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What is the best way to load a roof box? Verified

First of all, try to load the heaviest objects in the car itself and load the lightest objects in the roof box. Distribute the weight evenly over the roof box, with the heaviest objects in the middle, above the roof bars. Make sure the objects in the roof box can't move and cover any sharp objects to prevent damage to the roof box or other luggage.

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