Manuals for Outwell Air Beds

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Frequently Asked Questions

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My air bed deflates slowly over time, but does not appear to leak. Why is that? Verified

Differences in temperature are a common cause for an air bed to fel softer. Hot air expands and old air contracts. When an air bed is is filled with warm air in the day and it cools down in the night, the air bed will feel softer. Other causes are a defective valve or old material that has become porous. In the latter case the air bed needs replacing. Contact the manufacturer in the case of a defective valve.

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Can I repair a leak in my air bed with a bicycle tire repair kit? Verified

It is possible to repair a leak in an air bed with a bicycle tire repair kit. However, the PVC used in air beds can be different from that in bicycle tires, making it possible that the glue will not adhere to the air bed well. For a long lasting repair it is best to get a repair kit especially made for air beds.

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Can I inflate an air bed with my mouth? Verified

Inflating an air bed with your mouth is not advisable. Apart from it taking a long time and making the person doing it dizzy, a large disadvantage of inflating an air bed with your mouth is that next to air, saliva will be blown into the air bed. This may affect the air bed over time.

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The indents in the shape of the air bed feel uncomfortable while sleeping, what can I do about this? Verified

These indents in the shape of the air bed are needed to prevent it from bulging when being inflated. If these feel too sturdy the air bed has been inflated too much. Let out some air to make it softer.

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The air bed feels cold, what can I do? Verified

An air bed does not isolate well because it is filled with air. The cold from the floor will go into the air of the air bed, making it feel cold. To prevent this you can use an insulated mat under the air bed or an insulated cover sheet on top of the air bed.

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