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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I prevent 'red eyes' in my pictures? Verified

The 'red eye' phenomenon is caused by too much light in too little time getting to eyes of the people in the picture. This effect is even stronger in a dark atmosphere. The following can be done to prevent it: don't let people look directly into the camera, create more light, take the picture closer to the subject or decrease the use of the zoom function.

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Manual Panasonic C-900ZM Camera
Pavel Zeman 08-10-2023
I have the same problem... Do you know whats wrong?

Panasonic C-900ZM Camera
Manual Panasonic C-900ZM Camera
Cat Moore 17-05-2022
Battery symbol is full but the line around it is flashing - do I need a new battery?

Panasonic C-900ZM Camera