Contour Action Cameras

You can find the manual for your Contour Action Camera below. Can’t find your model? Send us a message on Facebook, and we will try to find the manual for you.

Source: Contour

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a megapixel? Verified
A megapixel (MP) equals one million pixels. Megapixels are, among other things, used to indicate the resolution of digital cameras and camcorders. For example a camera that produces images of 1280x960 pixels has a resolution of about 1,3MP. Though there are many factors that influence the quality of an image it can be said that in general more megapixel results in a better image.

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At which temperatures can I safely use my Contour action camera? Verified
Contour states that it guarantees the functioning of their cameras at temperatures between -15°C and 40°C.

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