Manual Atika KS 2401-40 Chainsaw

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Originalbetriebsanweisung - Sicherheitshinweise - Ersatzteile
Seite 6
Chain saw
Original instructions - Safety instructions - Spare parts
Page 17
Notice originale - Consignes de sécurité - Pièces de rechange
Page 27
Верижна резачка
Оригинално ръководство за експлоатация - Указания за
безопасност - Резервни части
Стр. 38
Řetězová pila
Originální návod k použití - Bezpečnostní pokyny -
Náhradní díly
Str 49
Erediti használati utalítás - Biztonsági tudnivalók -
59. oldal
Motorna pila
Originalne upute za rad - sigurnosne upute - rezervni dijelovi
Strana 70
Sega a catena
Istruzioni originali - Indicazioni per la sicurezza -
Pezzi di ricambio
Pagina 80
Oorspronkelijke gebruiksaanwijzing - Veiligheidsinstructies -
Blz. 91
Piła łańcuchowa
Instrukcja oryginalna - Wskazówki bezpieczeństwa -
Części zamienne
Ferăstrăul cu lanţ
Instrucţiuni originale - Măsuri de siguranţă -
Piese de schimb
Reťazová píla
Originálný návod na použitie - Bezpečnostné pokyny -
Náhradné dielce
Verižna žaga
Izvirna navodila - varnostni napotki - nadomestni deli
Stran 135
KSL 2401/40
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Brand Atika
Model KS 2401-40
Category Chainsaws
File type PDF
File size 2.71 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Atika KS 2401-40 Chainsaw

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What is the right tension for the chain on my chainsaw? Verified

When pulling up the chains by hand it should be able to lift up to just above or under the guide bar.

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Do I need to wear hearing protection when using a chainsaw? Verified

Yes you should. Although the amount of noise produced by a chainsaw can vary between brands and models, long term exposure to loud noise can cause permanent hearing damage. That is why it is a good idea to wear hearing protection.

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Do I need to wear eye protection when using a chainsaw? Verified

Yes. Small particles can fly up during sawing. When these hit an eye they can cause permanent eye damage. That is why it always necessary to wear eye protection.

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Manual Atika KS 2401-40 Chainsaw