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Frequently Asked Questions

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How fast can I drive with a bicycle carrier attached to my car? Verified
Generally there is no exact limit. However, a bicycle carrier can influence the driving experience. That is why it is advised to not exceed 130 kilometers per hour.

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Bernd 11-04-2021
Hello, I have the Atera SSP 2/3 wheel carrier. Can I also transport e-bikes there?

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C. Hüneke 24-07-2021
How do I detach the carrier from the towbar? It's so hard

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Herbert Peinelt 13-08-2021
How do I mount the license plate on the atera bicycle rack 022686

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Josef Außendorf 02-09-2021
How do I detach the bike rack from the towbar and the fastening loop for my bike (with frame battery) is too short

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Jackie Harris 10-08-2019
We have just tried to fit our new atera strada for the first time and we cannot lock or remove the key from the clamping mechanism even though we followed instructions and pushed the handle down further, any suggestions?

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Luc Claeys 10-02-2022
How can the clamping lever be clamped harder. New car with new towbar, and clamping is less strong † Can this be made strong by a regulation so that the rack is clamped firmly?

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Marie POUYAU 25-09-2021
I have an ATERA STRADA bike rack When I lower the locking wrist, it goes up and does not stay down, it does not lock the bike carrier on the hitch ball What's the matter please?

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Ti BREIZ 27-03-2022
Hello, My problem: I can't lower the locking lever of my ATERA Strada vario 2 bike rack on the hitch ball. Is there an adjustment to give a little more space between the ball and the fixing system of the bike rack? Thank you for your reply.

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Manuel Almanza 08-12-2020
Hello, I need to verify if the ATERA Strada DL2 Bicycle Carrier, with its characteristic rearward movement, would allow me to open the two rear doors of my Ford Transit Custom (year 2018). It would be perfect if I could try it in a store,

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J Sihtam 18-04-2022
How do I reassemble the bike carrier's locking handle on the hitch ball? I can't wind it up anymore and I can't turn the key!!!! Thanks in advance

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Mattthias Perlbach 14-05-2020
Hello and good afternoon, I have an Atera type ssp 2/3 bike rack for the trailer hitch. Now the plug does not fit into the 7-pin socket on the trailer coupling. Which adapter would be suitable here? I couldn't find a description of this connector on the web. With best thanks

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Thurion Geneviève 05-09-2020
How to reverse the attachments of the jaw bars that attach the bikes to their frames. I have a bike rack atera 3 bikes

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Alan Corbet 26-03-2022
How can I see the answers to questions already asked?

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Jean Luc BOISTEAU 28-03-2022
Hello, Please, I have an ATERA STRADA EVO bike rack for 2 bikes. I can install and lock it on the hitch ball of one vehicle and not the other. Clamping not possible. Is there a setting knowing that apparently the 2 balls are identical. Thanks for your feedback.

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Ruby 01-05-2022
Can I tighten it so that the rack no longer rotates on the hitch? I have it at its tightest now, but the rack is still spinning. Help!

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giordano michel 16-06-2022
I mounted the bike rack on the hitch ball but I can only lower the lever to 50° and now I can't remove it. I can't turn the key

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Manual Atera Strada Bicycle Carrier