Manual Asus RT-AC56U Router

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Ultra ince ve stilli RT-AC56U'da eşsiz aynı anda kablosuz HD dolaşımı için 2.4GHz
ve 5GHz dual bant bulunmaktadır; 24/7 dosya paylaşımı için SMB sunucusu,
UPnP AV sunucusu ve FTP sunucusu; 300.000 oturumu yönetebilmektedir; ve
%70'e varan güç tasarrufu çözümü sağlayan ASUS Green Network Teknolojisi
Kullanma Kılavuzu
Çift Bant 2x2 802.11AC Gigabit Yönlendiricisi
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Brand Asus
Model RT-AC56U
Category Routers
File type PDF
File size 11.04 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Asus RT-AC56U Router

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How can I improve the signal of my router? Verified

First try to adjust the location and positioning of the router to improve the signal. If that fails it's often possible to change the wireless channel of your router. There is a chance that other wireless devices are using the same wireless channel, which can result in decreased signal strength.

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What is the difference between a router and a modem? Verified

A modem facilitates the connection to the internet through your provider. A router distributes this signal to different devices within a network. Most modern routers have a built-in modem.

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Manual Asus RT-AC56U Router

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