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Various models of the Emporio Armani Orologi collection have
screw-down crowns. If you attempt to pull the crown out for time or
date setting and it does not pull out easily, you may need to unscrew
your crown before pulling the crown out.
This is done by turning
the crown counter-clockwise until it is completely unscrewed.
crown will now pull out easily for time adjustment.
To return crown to
position 1, push in gently and turn clockwise simultaneously.
A timepiece fitted with an automatic winding movement obtains
the power to wind itself by the movement of your wrist. When
fully wound, your timepiece has a power-reserve of approximately
38 hours. If the timepiece has not been worn for over 38 hours it
is advised that it be manually wound to ensure necessary power-
reserve. To manually wind, keep the crown in position 1 and then turn
it clockwise, 10 to 20 times.
Important Notes: As with every mechanical timepiece, the automatic
day/date calendar is automatically adjusted by a complicated
mechanism that is triggered between 10pm and 2am. It is important
to avoid any adjustment of the day/date calendar setting operation
and any backward movement of the watch hands during this period
of time.
To ensure longevity and accuracy, it is recommended to have your
mechanical timepiece over-hauled by a qualified technician every
3 – 5 years.
Download manual in English (PDF, 1.82 MB)
(Consider the environment and only print this manual if it is really necessary)



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Brand Armani
Model AR1732
Category Watches
File type PDF
File size 1.82 MB

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A battery in my device is oxidized, can I still safely use it? Verified

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Manual Armani AR1732 Watch

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