Ariston LL 63 Dishwasher

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Frequently Asked Questions

After my dishwasher has finished it's cycle, the container that holds the tablet hasn't opened. How is this possible?
This problem is often caused by dishes that are blocking the container. Check this before turning on the dishwasher.

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Can I use regular salt in my dishwasher?
No, regular salt may contain substances that can cause damage to your appliance.

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Where can I find spare parts?
For finding spare parts we recommend . They stock a wide range of parts for a large number of brands.

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The dishwasher does not heat the water anymore, why is that?
It is likely that the heating element is defective. Have it replaced. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

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Do I need to rinse my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher?
Rinsing the dishes is not necessary, but you do need to remove any large, hard and fat leftovers. These could clog the drain over time.

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