Manual Aprilia Sportcity One 50 2T Scooter

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for choosing one of its products. We have compiled this booklet to provide a comprehensive overview of your vehicle's quality features. Please, read it
carefully before riding the vehicle for the first time. It contains information, tips and precautions for using your vehicle. It also describes features, details
and devices to assure you that you have made the right choice. We believe that if you follow our suggestions, you will soon get to know your new vehicle
well and that it will continue to give you satisfactory service for many years to come. This booklet is an integral part of the vehicle and must be handed
over to the new owner in the event of sale.
omdat u één van haar producten heeft gekozen. Wij hebben deze handleiding opgesteld opdat u de kwaliteiten ervan ten volle kan waarderen. Wij
raden aan om deze handleiding geheel door te lezen, voordat u met het voertuig gaat rijden. Het bevat informatie, raadgevingen en waarschuwingen
in verband met het gebruik van uw voertuig; daarnaast zal u eigenschappen, bijzonderheden en handigheidjes ontdekken die u ervan zullen overtuigen
dat u een juiste keuze heeft gemaakt. Wij zijn er zeker van dat indien u hier rekening mee zal houden, u makkelijk zal wennen aan uw nieuw voertuig,
waar u lang naar volle tevredenheid gebruik van zal kunnen maken. Deze uitgave is een integrerend deel van het voertuig, en bij verkoop van dit laatste
moet het worden overhandigd aan de nieuwe eigenaar.
Ed. 06 2008
Download manual in English (PDF, 1.04 MB)
(Consider the environment and only print this manual if it is really necessary)



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Χάρης 01-04-2019
Πολύ καλό

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john r. foley 20-07-2019
what is a mixer oil reserve

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john r. foley 20-07-2019
how can i tell when my sport city 50 was manufactured

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Cliff Dempsey 21-09-2021
Keeps stopping while riding and now hard to start ! it only has 96 kms on it !!!

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Brand Aprilia
Model Sportcity One 50 2T
Category Scooters
File type PDF
File size 1.04 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Aprilia Sportcity One 50 2T Scooter

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My scooter stops running while driving, what should I do? Verified

During service checks the valve of the scooter should be checked and fitted properly. If this doesn't happen properly or at all, the scooter can overheat due to suboptimal burning of fuel. Have the vales fitted properly.

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What is the right tire pressure for a scooter? Verified

A scooter tire needs to be inflated quite hard. The exact pressure can be different for each scooter and brand, but in general it is good to use at least 2,1 bar for the front tire and 2,5 bar for the back tire. The ideal pressure is often indicated on the tire.

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Manual Aprilia Sportcity One 50 2T Scooter

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