Manuals for Zoofari Dog Leashes

Below you can find all models Zoofari Dog Leashes for which we have manuals available. Also view the frequenty asked questions at the bottom of the page for useful tips about your product. Is your model not on the list? Please contact us.

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Latest comments

Manual Zoofari IAN 307218 Dog Leash
BASIL PYNEGAR 30-03-2021
my lead has got stuck halfway, how do i rectify this

Zoofari IAN 307218 Dog Leash
Manual Zoofari IAN 278646 Dog Leash
Mog 05-12-2020
I would like to know how many meters the extensible straps consist of

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Zoofari IAN 278646 Dog Leash
Manual Zoofari IAN 103951 Dog Leash
Albrecht Ley 01-05-2019
Dear Sir or Madam, I bought a Zoofari dog pull-out leash from Lidl on March 7th, 2019. I was very happy with it so far. Today, however, it could no longer be rolled up. After several attempts, I opened it and found that the tension spring in the device was broken. How does it look now? Will it be repaired by you, or can I simply bring it back to Lidl (because it is still under guarantee), or what should I do? Thank you for your response. Kind regards

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Zoofari IAN 103951 Dog Leash
Manual Zoofari IAN 272486 Dog Leash
andrea lancerin email: an 13-09-2019
I was hoping I solved the problem of exploring the 23kg dog bushes with this leash. I was wrong, the retractor spring is too weak and after 8 months of use it broke into three pieces. I discovered it by disassembling the device and I found myself with a broken spring and unable to hang it up somehow. I ask the company if they can send me a spare one. Yours sincerely

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Zoofari IAN 272486 Dog Leash