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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many fish can I put in my aqaurium? Verified

The following rule of thumb can be used: Per liter of water you can add one centimeter of freshwater fish or a half centimeter of saltwater fish. Keep in mind that this also depends on the capacity of the filter and the number of decorative elements in the aquarium.

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How often should I clean an aquarium? Verified

There is special equipment to measure the different mineral values in the water and to determine if cleaning is necessary. If this equipment is not available it is best to clean the aquarium at least once a week.

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Latest comments

Manual Nobleza 400100JOK Aquarium
odile bebin 05-11-2022
hello I have the aquarium but I have a problem mounting it the pump I don't know where to put the grid I don't know where to put the little transparent plastic pipe I want to thank you for explaining to me cordially to all

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Nobleza 400100JOK Aquarium
Manual Nobleza 400100JOM Aquarium
Monique 21-10-2022
Hello, I installed the pump: it turns but no water movement. How to install the aerator (transparent tube). New purchase. How to fix the pump firmly alongside the aquarium. Thanks. M.T.

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Nobleza 400100JOM Aquarium