Manual Alecto EM-17 Energy Meter

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Tonny van der Steen 25-06-2020
ask for costs. if the price p/kw is € 0.08, how do I enter that (there are 0000 in the screen). What do I have to fill in for factor? and what time should I enter for switch-on time? And what do I have to fill in for 2nd cost price? (required to fill in something?)

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p. Iliaens 06-01-2020
- Not suitable for all types of sockets - Inconvenient for low socket outlets - The measured values ​​must be read with the M-17 plugged in. The values ​​disappear after removing the measuring device. This is an even bigger problem with low-lying measuring points. - Wouldn't buy it again.

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Gerrit de Vries 02-10-2020
Bought the Alecto energy meter at the Gamma this afternoon with the aim of measuring the kWh consumption of the central heating boiler and the American refrigerator over a few days. Could barely open the battery compartment in which the rechargeable batteries hold the rechargeable batteries, but after prying with the screwdriver it worked. Cannot find Date setting despite listing on this site. Now hangs between the central heating boiler and is set to function kWH. Check again tomorrow.

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- linda van Dam 17-10-2020
When using the Energy usage monitor we ran into the problem that we can't open the battery compartment!! Please provide information about this. Thank you in advance. l..v.d.

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Gerard mentink 10-11-2020
Battery compartment very difficult to open and close.

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Manual Alecto EM-17 Energy Meter