Manual AEG VL 5569 LB Fan

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does a fan influence the room temperature? Verified
No, a fan only moves air, providing a cooling effect to the skin.

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What is the best place for a fan? Verified
If there is a source of cold air, like an air conditioner, a fan can be used to better and further distribute that cold air. If only the fan is used it's best to place it had head hight. The head is one of the body parts that transpires the most and the moving air helps dissipating the heat. This gives the maximum cooling effect.

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Stella protain 28-06-2019
I have a question, my fan is running but the must comes on and there is no mist coming out why? I put water in the tank of course

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heike 18-07-2022
Hello, my fan is running but the mist won't turn on and no mist comes out Why? What can I do?

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Irene 23-06-2019
Not easy The assembly

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Nuno 22-07-2019
brand new ventilator out of box does not switch on.

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Sylvie MICHON 25-07-2020
hello I have been using my misting fan for 5 years now but oops this year, while it is extremely hot, two small parts have failed, and the problem is one of the two is essential since it is the stopper but no matter how I look I can't find the spare parts, if someone could help me I would be really grateful

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Heike 18-07-2022
my fan is running, no mist comes out why?

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Manual AEG VL 5569 LB Fan