Manual AEG FT 4925 Thermometer

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I just took my temperature but what is actually considered a 'healthy' body temperature? Verified
This partially depends on the body part where the temperature was taken. The following can be considered healthy: Forehead 35,8 to 37,6 °C, Ear 36 to 37,8°C, rectally 36,3 to 37,8°C and orally 36 to 37,4°C.

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What parts of the body are best to measure body temperature? Verified
This depends on the thermometer. Some thermometers are designed for use on specific parts of the body. With a regular thermometer, rectal usage is the fastest and most accurate way to measure body temperature.

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From what temperature does a person officially have a fever? Verified
A temperature above 38°C is officially considered a fever.

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Samir 24-03-2020
Hello, how many degrees should we add to a front socket to have the right temperature? Indeed, we are all currently around 36.0 ° C. Thank you in advance, Regards

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Tadeusz Snochowski 29-09-2021
The thermometer shows 36.8 C every time! you mean it's working badly? is it possible to regulate? Battery after replacement. The time after the setting and the ambient temperature are correctly displayed.

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Manual AEG FT 4925 Thermometer