Manual Abus BORDO Combo 6100 Bike Lock

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tony 09-12-2019
your lock combo set instructions suck - terrible illustrations and no "written" step-by-step instructions. congratulations, you've just surpassed the chinese's complete ineptitude in providing adequate product instructions. Its nice to create a well engineered product - and completely unacceptable to fail in showing the buyer how to use it.

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Tom 27-06-2020
I agree completely......need more instructions.....or someone to speak with on getting this going. The price of this thing in Canada warrants more assistance on your part.

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Robert princehouse 11-01-2020
Terrible product..just spent 1 hr trying G to get the button to open..finally decided must be defective..sending back..why can't you print instructions

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distel 02-04-2021
Unusable instruction manual! Who can put it into understandable words?

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Ruiz 07-10-2021
Hello, impossible to change the code, the padlock is open and I cannot change the code or reset 0000, nor close the padlock.

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RFG 01-11-2021
Initial difficulty setting a new lock code. The image (Set 2) showing the movement of the pin? to the right required about 10 minutes of fiddling before I finally discovered that one has to "pop" the pin? to the right. Not sure if there is a spring mechanism involved. Once I "popped" it the pin moved easily to the right and I was easily able to set a new code. Agree that the instructions are not terribly helpful although it was better than nothing -barely. On to the installation on the bicycle.

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Manual Abus BORDO Combo 6100 Bike Lock